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Neon Odyssey is a co-op 2D side scroller set in an ancient Egyptian-Cyberpunk world. You play as either Anubis or Horus' mortal souls who have had their immortal ones stolen from them. You must reach the depths of the underworld and reclaim your immortal souls from a mysterious entity that has taken them from you.

**This game is currently in beta, the following build is the finalisation of the Alpha stage**

**This game requires two players to complete and is controller Only!!!**

Install instructions

As this is Unity game please make sure that the build data is in the same folder as the  exe when running.

As the game is currently in Beta and on going, if anyone has/does play the game and has some extra spare time we would love you hear your thoughts and get your feedback please feel free to fill this short form out regarding the games experience. 



Neon Odyssey Build.zip 106 MB

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